Student RE Matters: an introduction

Student RE Matters

Student SACRE has been running in Newham for 18 years now.  It is known nationally for the innovative work it has produced on identity and faith sensitivities. This year 'Student SACRE' has been renamed Student RE Matters. It gives students the opportunity of developing leadership skills during the two years that they attend. For this year ONLY Newham LA have provided some funding towards the school cost of participating in this award winning programme.

Student RE Matters provides schools with the opportunity to:

  • Promote dialogue between young people of differing faiths and secular backgrounds and cultures, supporting collaborative work; and
  • Contribute to community benefit, as it seeks to develop young people’s skills in understanding their concerns and provides a place for them to learn to become an initiator and developer of solutions.

Student RE Matters exists to give Newham students a place where they can discuss spiritual and moral issues that are important to them. Every school has the opportunity to elect or send six– eight student representatives: 3-4 from Year 8 or Year 9, and 3-4 from Year 9 or Year 10, and a member of staff to attend the half termly meetings. The hope is that these students will be representatives of the different religious and secular world views in each school.   

Student RE Matters elect yearly their own chair and vice chair who represent the group at adult SACRE meetings.They work alongside Claire Clinton and Catriona Martin to plan and lead meetings along with the rest of the executive.

Student’s comments

“Student RE Matters allows us to unite and work together as representing Newham rather than just our school.”

“I enjoy learning about other’s religions, and what their religion say about certain topics, I get so much from that.”

Dates for 2022-2023

Tuesday 5th October

Tuesday 22nd November

Tuesday 17th January

Tuesday 7th March

Tuesday 9th May 

Tuesday 6th June

An agenda and minutes of meetings are always sent to participating schools a week before the meeting