Ecology and RE

Watch out for the launch of 'Ecology and RE' a brand new toolkit for KS3 

Environmental issues are of great importance to young people and the students of Newham SACRE are no exception. They decided that for their 2020 project they wanted to explore the relationship between religion and the environment. As part of their project, they met with local faith leaders to ask them about what their religion and worldviews taught about ecology and the environment. Students then went on to work with a Newham artist to create a piece of art that expressed their view of their responsibility towards the natural world. This toolkit evolved from this work and contains the films and artwork that were part of their project.

This Toolkit has been designed to help students explore the Big Idea ‘what does it mean to live a good life?’


The toolkit interleaves learning between RE, Geography and Science and asks students to answer the Big Question, ‘should followers of religions and worldviews take special care of the environment?’


The toolkit provides resources that will help students to explore the following questions:

What do religions and worldviews teach about ecology?


  • How does a religion or worldviews impact lifestyles?


  • How do we know what the right moral action is in a situation?


  • Do followers of religion and worldviews have a duty to campaign on environmental issues?

Here is an example from the toolkit: 

"The toolkit was perfect for our Year 8s, it was very useful as is packed with content and activities that are relevant and allow students to demonstrate what they know about Ecology and RE " J Zahid Head of Religious Education, Stratford School Academy