Bullying and Belief Toolkit

This Bullying and Belief toolkit is a resource to support schools to deal with the topic of religious bullying. It contains five 60-minute lessons for Primary and Secondary schools, with resources and films on which to base your teaching within RE lessons.  Alternatively, the five lessons have been planned so that they can run as a drop-down day or be used in tutor time or in PSHE sessions. The toolkit also contains resources for organising assemblies around this theme.

What do others say about 'Bullying and Belief'?

‘Bullying makes people miserable. It makes the victim miserable with immediate effect. No-one enjoys being bullied. But, in the longer term, it also makes the perpetrator miserable. That may sound like nonsense, but the question is why do people bully others? It’s usually because they feel insecure and feel the need to prove themselves to their friends. A life spent like that is not a happy life. If we care about the flourishing of our pupils, we should care about bullying, for the sake of both the bully and the bullied.

Newham Adult, Student and Junior SACREs are therefore to be congratulated in creating this Bullying and Belief toolkit. All forms of bullying are unacceptable, but that which is triggered by people’s worldviews often does not get the attention given to other characteristics. These lessons and assemblies are a superb resource for teachers. In particular, the short video clips provide a thought-provoking stimulus for pupils to work from. It is great to see Newham pupils participating in these in creating role plays of scenarios that their peers then learn from.

Well done Newham! I commend this resource to all schools.’

Trevor Cooling

Professor of Christian Education, Canterbury Christ Church University and Chair of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales

Fiona Moss, National RE Adviser ‘This pack provides thought provoking film resources with comments, knowledge, experience and wisdom direct from religious and non-religious community members from children through to faith leaders. This introductory booklet provides a series of helpful recommendations to review policy and practice within this area. The fully resourced lessons in this set of materials will encourage discussion and debate, provide first- hand experience for pupils to learn from sharing knowledge and allowing for creative responses from pupils.

Andy Lewis, Deputy Headteacher, "Students at St Bonaventure's are always passionate about any initiative that targets bullying. These resources provide a fantastic framework to help schools target the key issues that enable schools to focus on religious bullying. As a Catholic school, we believe that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and should be treated as such"

Naomi Anstice, Assistant Head Teacher and RE Adviser “This toolkit helps to open up and expand discussions about bullying. It helps children to develop empathy and respect whilst unpacking identity and belonging to themselves and others. A great resource to include in your activities to highlight Anti-bullying and Interfaith Weeks held in November.”

The Bullying and Belief resources are all available for free download from here:

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