Student RE Matters forms and pictures

Student RE Matters forms and pictures


  (our 2011-2012 chair & vice-chair) 

 Trip to Birmingham to speak at the National SACRE annual conference

June 2012 - Student RE visit to Ramagarhia Gurdwara


 Business to support schools

'My Leadership Team and I have found Claire's support and guidance invaluable.' Emma Nicholls, Headteacher, Selwyn Primary School

Special deal for Newham schools

Up to 33% saving on RE package deals for schools in Newham

2017-18 Brochure

Details of all network meeting dates and course avaliable in our new brochures

May 2013 - Student RE visit to St John's church in Stratford

October 2013 - meeting held at St Bonaventure's RC Secondary School

December 2013 - Student one day conference 'Handlying Faith' at the British Museum

June 2014: St Angela's where students meet eight local faith leaders and received a master class in their religion

May 2014: Langdon meeting with three faith leaders