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2018-19 Brochure

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Course Infant RE Matters Conferences for 2018-2019

Infant RE Matters exists to give Newham children a place where they can explore  spirituality. Every school has the opportunity to send six pupil representatives from Year 2 and a member of staff to an Infant RE Matters one day conference. These one day conferences provide schools with evidence of:

  • Promote dialogue and understanding between children of differing faiths and secular backgrounds and cultures, supporting collaborative work
  • Contribute to community benefit, as it has been developed from real children’s concerns and interests. It seeks to address these concerns as well as empower them in solving problems and creating advice for schools.

2019 Conference


In the summer term 2019 we will be running these one day conference once again. Our these will be 'hope' and we will be using P4C and learning about what differnet religions and world views have to say about 'hope'.

2018 Conference

In our summer term 2018 our theme will be ‘Fundamental British Values’, we will be using Philosophy for children (P4C) to engage pupils with this theme.  The children will go on to learn what different religions as well as secular world views think about tolerance and mutual respect.  It will give the children opportunities to express their thinking creatively through the use of the arts.

Pictures from our 2017 conference, we made clay models palces within a display house to express where we belong but also what makes us special.

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Pictures from our 2015 conferencon 'thankfulness' - we made washing lines of thankfulness.


Images from our 2014 conferences, where we made candles to use to say sorry